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The Fairytale that is Lynn Falls


Sometimes what the soul needs is a daydream escape. Finally able to breathe after an onslaught of deadlines, we took to the road and made our way towards the coast. The roar of city life stripped away with every mile that we placed between Glasgow and us. Throwbacks from the 2000s and early 2010s blared from the radio as I picked each song, connecting them to the car’s speakers through the magic of Bluetooth. Singing along to the likes of Sum 41 and Avicii, we ran through all the genres that had caught our generation by storm all those years ago.

Arriving in Dalry, rolling mountains and staggering fields were sprawled as far as the eye could see. Even with three years of living in the UK, I still got excited every time we passed by a herd of sheep, making my friend smile when I cheerily declared their presence. Our walk began with the end. Starting where the Lynn Glen trail finished, we passed by fellow walkers. Chitchat was cheerily exchanged, each kind soul sharing with us the highlights of the walk and wishing us a good time.LF4

The walk was an enchanted one. To our left, Lugton Water twisted and turned with the steep cliff faces, the water calmly gliding past. On the right, statuesque trees greeted us with pride, gnarled roots giving the impression of bowing, sturdy branches jutting out to provide shade. Every so often, we were greeted by the sight of fairy doors. No taller than the length of our hands, each door was carefully handpainted with the whimsical charm of childhood. Further along, we passed a moss-covered tree dressed in colourful ribbons. A handmade sign sat on one of the branches, declaring it to be the ‘Wishing Tree’. Without ribbons of our own, we passed the tree hoping that the dreams attached to it would come true.


As we drew closer to the waterfall, the river began to stagger, preparing itself for the inevitable drop. Glances through tangled tree branches amazed us. What was revealed near the end of the path was more than we had hoped for. As if set into a small staircase, the river poured over levels of stone, past a toppled tree coated green. The water by the edge of the fall was surprisingly calm. Wanting to enjoy the full view, we waded through the water. The sight was worth the caution. Looking back at the river, skinny trees framed either side. Rushing water made for a stunning contrast in tones. The fallen tree called out to me, and I answered. Walking its length with careful steps and airplane arms, my mind was brought back to younger, carefree years.

When nighttime drew, we reluctantly left the trail behind. Singing along to old Selena Gomez songs, our expressions were bright with the memories we made.

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  1. Wonderful adventurous story – quite magical. How would have I reacted to finding little doors in the Scottish countryside? Maybe I’ll find out one day. Loved the photos too.

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