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Castle of Old and Church of Beauty: A Day Out in York

DSCF8328Spring days, comprised of blossoming flowers, young leaves, and an awakening chill in the air, are days to be cherished. With a spare weekend in April of 2017, we hopped into the car and made the most of the day. The two-hour drive was sunny and pleasant. Minimal traffic and energetic radio tunes kept us in a cheery mood.


The city centre of York buzzed with the activity of retail stores and charming restaurants. History wraps around this metropolis in the form of impressive city walls. Originally formed by the Romans, the walls that stand to this day are the well-preserved remains of reconstructive efforts that took place between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries.

DSCF8332Passing through Monk Bar on our way into the city, it is the most impressive of four gatehouses defending the four corners of the medieval walls. Winding cobblestone paths paved through lines of Tudor houses, cosily nestled together and now kept busy as stores and restaurants.


Visiting the York Minster, the exterior of the Gothic building was mostly covered for conservation work on our visit. What little we were allowed to see was stunning; the intricate details, originally designed in the late seventh century and continually improved upon and carefully maintained since, the UK’s dedication to preserving the wonders of its past never ceases to amaze me.


Leaving York, I looked forward to future trips delving further into the history of the city that has housed Romans, survived wars, and came out thriving.

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  1. I’d love to visit York sometime. Monk Bar, cobblestones and Gothic architecture seem wonderfully “British” . Another place added to my ‘must visit’ list.


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