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Running to my Goals

Ever since I was a kid, running was the only thing I liked about PE. Hand-eye-foot coordination is not my strong suit. So while I was always an enthusiastic cheerleader for my teammates, I gave a wide berth to the basketball, the volleyball, the soccer ball… you get the picture. I also liked how there were no limits to running. You could be a distance runner or a sprinter, glide along a straight path or conquer a mountain. Be it the unseemly hours of the morning or the coldest time of night, running is always an option.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 21.47.21

During high school, running was a hobby I kept up. It was easy enough, and something familiar to help keep me grounded as we moved back and forth between Canada and Hong Kong. I’ve become addicted to the second wave of energy that strikes after a workout, focusing your mind and encouraging productivity. As a freelance writer, it’s too easy to give in to laziness and spend the day idling about in your pyjamas. By incorporating a workout in my daily routine, I’ve become a much more efficient person. It helps that, by specifically marking an hour out of my day for exercise, I’m forced to set daily schedules in order to finish everything that needs to be done.

If you ever have a spare moment and need your brain to hit you with a burst of natural encouragement, go out for a run.

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  1. Yes, I think all forms of areobic exercise give us energy and make us think more clearly, and running has the benefit, as you say, of being an anywhere anytime activity – no equipment necessary. Keep it up!

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