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Setting Goals and Personifying Gym Equipment

Growing up, I always loved running. The way the world blurs around you, the warm fire that rages your lungs into action, the steady pace of your feet as they slap against the ground below. But I had never considered myself strong enough to take running seriously. I was always the smallest in the class, a hobbit in a roomful of elves. My friends would routinely lift me in an easy show of their physical prowess. The idea that I could be physically fit did not occur to me until high school.

Starting with running on a daily basis, I’ve since expanded to include arm, abdomen, and full body workouts into my weekly repertoire. But it is difficult to self-motivate. The couch, the bed, and the fridge call you with their siren song, urging you to give in to laziness. Your best self cannot be gained while curled up in a ball. So, with this in mind, I went out and bought a medicine ball.

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 23.48.33

Neon green and weighing five kilograms, Marvin the Medicine Ball is the perfect exercise partner. His alarming colour provides me with adequate guilt when I pass by him on a daily basis. And his weight – bearable for the first few minutes of a workout, becomes a strain as time goes on. The strain is good – it’s my muscles slowly developing into the stronger frame that I desire.

If you’re nervous about beginning training to your best self, buy a colourful set of dumbbells, a bouncy yoga ball, or elastic bands and give them quirky names, a personality that you wouldn’t want to disappoint. It’s highly effective.

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  1. Marvin! A suitable name for your round little friend. Yes, actually, exercise and keeping fit can give us an important health goal in our lives. Keep it rolling.


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