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Good Food in Guangzhou

*Photos to be added soon*

Of all the sights and sounds we enjoyed in Guangzhou, I remember Nan Yuan restaurant the best.

While waiting for our table, we decided to wander around the space. A large koi pond sits in the middle of the area, dazzling fish shimmering in the light. From the marble hallway, a roofed veranda provides a comfortably sized space for groups of people to admire the pond. If you take your time, you will discover tortoise steadily moving through the waters, chasing after fish tails. Ornately carved wooden chairs were provided upstairs, offering waiting customers a luxurious siesta in the meantime.

In what felt like no time at all, we were seated. Fitted with a wall-sized television; many of the customers were captivated by the boxing match that it displayed. Our attentions were focused on more pressing matters – our ravenous appetites. We ordered enough to satisfy an army. Choi sum, duck, stir fried beef noodles, char siu pork was just the beginning. The food kept on coming, and thankfully our stomachs were able to keep up. Between the five of us, we finished the food, five large bottles of Tsing Dao, and two pots of tea in a little under two hours.

Taking a long stroll afterwards to work off the delicious meal, Nan Yuan was the golden standard for local eateries during that trip.

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