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Baguio: A Cloud and a Cafe

True to its name, Mt. Cloud Bookshop is a bit of a trek. Made up of rolling hills and winding streets, the walk to Mt. Cloud is a brisk one requiring equal parts energy and enthusiasm. Fortunately we had a hearty breakfast that morning, and are all bibliophiles obsessed with expanding our collections. The sun poked in and out of clouds all day. This, however, did nothing to disguise its presence from us. A steady heat radiated through the city, pressing onto us as we made our pilgrimage to Mt. Cloud. When we reached our destination, it was well worth the effort. The entrance was located past a staircase heading underground. Lush flora grew tall and proud across from the open door.

And inside it was beautiful. Books lined the walls in neat shelves, a flurry of colours ranging in size and length. At the end of bookshop, the entire wall was dedicated to children’s books. Gorgeous stationary stood to the side of the front door. Art books and zines rested at the foot of the stairs. Up the staircase, Filipino graphic novels and poetry was set across the banister. Biographies, anthologies, and international literature are neatly arranged on the second floor. Mt. Cloud graphic tees hang on the balcony, proud flags to this indie store. Pouring over the many choices, I was drawn to the anthology collections and poetry. Tackling universal issues of love, pain, and a sense of belonging, I eventually chose not one, but five books. My wallet cried but my soul sung.

Leaving Mt. Cloud before I succumbed to the siren calls of even more novels, we headed off in search of a light lunch. Little Leigh Cafe was perfect. Located at the entrance to Honeymoon, Little Leigh is a doll’s dream. The dining area, on the top floor, is set in soothing pastel tones. The tables dominating the main area are low to the ground in perfect imitation of a dollhouse. Immediately, I thought this would be the perfect place for a children’s tea party.

The fun doesn’t end there. More than a pop of colour, a canary yellow ladder leads up to an attic space. Carpeted flooring feels like clouds. The low, slanted ceiling is answered with a low table and cozy dark brown cushions, giving the space a casual feel. A small window floods natural light into the space. During the evenings, two lamps are set here to create ambiance.

Ordering an ube milkshake and a chosilog (Chorizo and tapsilog, a meal incorporating garlic fried rice and a fried egg with various meat), the savoury tones of the chosilog balanced well with the light and sweet milkshake.

Leaving the cafe in happy spirits, we walked through the rain and onto our friend’s house. Our food babies were properly formed by this point, and we all dreamed of a lazy siesta.

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