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HK 2: For the Material Girls

With the sun blazing bright and the humidity a thick coat hanging on my shoulders, I was desperate for reprieve. Heading over to Tung Chung, I found just that. Formerly a rural fishing village, Tung Chung – meaning “eastern stream” – is now a snapshot of Hong Kong’s thriving shopping culture. Two malls are located in the centre of Tung Chung. Citygate, the larger of the two, is filled to the brim with outlet stores for designer brands. Famous names such as Burberry, Armani, and DVF can be found here. Signs line the ceiling declaring which famous stores are selling their products at a discount, so that even wandering eyes can be caught in the frenzy of discounted goods.

A favorite of mine is I.T outlet. Mostly housing Asian name brands, the clothes are of immaculate condition and greatly discounted. Purchasing two skirts – from Izzue and 5cm, both Hong Kong labels – the unique finds were well discounted from their original prices of 700 HKD and 500 HKD respectively, and I bought them for 140 HKD and 100 HKD. Needless to say, I left the store with a Cheshire grin.

Walking over the bridge that leads you to the MTR station and Citygate, I made my way to Fu Tung Plaza. As opposed to its international counterpart, Fu Tung Plaza caters to local tastes and needs. Wing Fat Stationary, a childhood hangout of mine, sells a plethora of toys and trinkets alongside colourful and quirky school and office supplies. Below the first floor lies a food market. Selling fresh foods at competitive prices, price tags are written in Cantonese. The stall owners yell across to each other, maintaining easy banter even while they take care of customer’s needs. After wandering around Fu Tung Plaza, I went back into the heat and was desperate for refreshment.

Grabbing a bubble tea from Gong Cha, I ended my day sitting on the steps just before the bridge. Sitting in the shade, the breeze was more than welcome. Even at five in the afternoon, the sun was high up in the sky. After finishing up my delicious milk tea, I took the bus back home. Tired from the sun, I napped the entire way back.

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