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Manchester: The First and Last Page

After an unforgettable week in the Emerald Isle, my friend and I elected to give ourselves some time to relax before heading our separate ways. What better way to end the holiday than where it began? A major connecting point to the north and south, Manchester was the perfect place for us to spend our last day. Our final day was one requiring sanctuary. The sun, still amazing us with its uncharacteristic warmth and continued presence, blazed bright and hot. Trekking from our Airbnb into the city with our travel bags, we were desperate for refreshments. Chapter One did not disappoint.

A dizzying yet complimentary array of mirrors, statues, and mismatched furniture decorated the space. Set up in an open concept, light and air conditioning flowed perfectly through the cafe. Millennials dotted the area, all working on their laptops with impressive focus. Beside them lay half-consumed cakes and empty mugs. Unique reads were scattered around the cafe, adding to its bohemian ambience.

Claiming a table with our things, we headed over to the counter with hungry eyes and rumbling stomachs. We were spoilt for choice. Sliced cakes, of the regular and vegan variety, were lined behind the glass display, their soft textures and vibrant colours calling our names. My friend went for the vegan hazelnut and salted caramel with tea. A slice of earl grey, apple juice, and an iced coffee were my choices. Enroute back to our table, I spotted a Scrabble box lying atop a teal bookcase. Taking it along, we set up the board while waiting for our orders.

From the fountain in the middle of the cafe to a musician playing gentle tunes on an electric keyboard, hours flew by in Chapter One. Before we headed off, I moseyed around the space. Filled with many comfortable nooks and crannies to lose time in, I was absolutely enamoured with the place. When we finally left, our feet dragged against the floor as we heartily agreed it was a day well spent.

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