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London Bound

A perfect blend of preserved architecture and sleek infrastructure, London is a city where the past, present, and future collide. It is a fashion capital, a financial hub, a Mecca of learning. Brilliant minds have lived and thrived here and continue to do so. As famous as it ever was, people from all walks of life yearn to belong in England’s capital city. The fast pace of London instills a confident energy in those who step foot there; with its bright lights and beautiful backdrops making locals and tourists clamour for more.

Growing up, I dreamed of living in this great capital. The thousands of miles separating me from this ambition never felt significant. Many of my friends were British, all of them with their stories of London. These beautiful recollections were told with wistful sighs and starry eyes. Their love for the city only increased my desire to one day visit and explore London. So great was my longing to wander through its streets that I solely referred to my savings account as my “London Fund”. Living in Toronto at the time, the plan was to save enough to afford to live there for an entire year after obtaining my Bachelor’s degree. If all had gone according to plan, I would have first set foot in England at the age of twenty-two. Life, ever unpredictable, had a different idea.

Now living a hop, skip, and step away from London, it would be foolish to let an opportunity pass me by. And so, bitten by the travel bug two weeks before my planned trip to Edinburgh, I will be heading down south for a day trip tomorrow to roam the streets, eat delicious food, and fall in love with a bookshop or two.

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